Podcasts (Again)

I’m back on the horse thanks to Overcast. It’s a wonderful app with a smart take on playlists and audio processing. One feature, Smart Speed, compresses long moments of silence, which can shave minutes off of a show (the app tells me I’ve saved over an hour of time just by enabling Smart Speed). And the speed adjuster lets me listen at 1.5x normal speed without mangling the audio or making the speakers sound like chipmunks. All of this allows me to listen to more shows in less time. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Work is starting to slow down—things got pretty frenetic for about a month—and I’ve been making more time to listen to episodes of my favorite shows, too. I’m still catching up on the backlog of a couple of shows, but I’m making progress. Overcast’s discovery features have helped me find a couple of new shows to listen to, too.

Since my last Podcast post, The Prompt, Bionic, and all of Myke Hurley’s shows on 5by5 have gone off the air, which is sad, but he promises to return. I’m really looking forward to whatever he does next.

If you’ve been thinking of giving podcasts a shot, or if you’re already an avid listener, definitely give Overcast a look. It’s free on the App Store with a $5 in-app purchase to unlock the power features (which are totally worth the cost).